They're Here: Uncle Howdy, Firefly Funhouse Characters Make Chilling Debut On WWE Raw

The wait is over, and the stable paying homage to Bray Wyatt's ideas and memory, which appears to be officially named "Wyatt Sick6," arrived at the end of "WWE Raw" on Monday. The faction waited until the end of the night, though the countdown on the website which held the main clue to their debut date ended right as "Raw" began. The teases began right at the beginning of the broadcast, however, with glitches appearing during the "Then, Now, Forever, Together" opener and continued through various segments throughout the night.


Following Jey Uso's victory over Finn Balor and Rey Mysterio in a Money in the Bank qualifier, the lights in the audience went dark, followed by the lights over the ring. Piano music began playing softly and a door appeared backlit on the stage. When the door opened, someone came slowly crawling out of it, down the dark ramp. The figure appeared to be Nikki Cross, and she crawled toward Wyatt's signature lantern on the ramp. Cross pointed behind her, and the camera went through the door, and focused on various crew members and wrestlers laid out in the back, including Paul "Triple H" Levesque, "Raw" General Manager Adam Pearce, William Regal, Shane Helms, and TJ Wilson.

The first figure seen was presumably Erick Rowan, wearing a rabbit mask and holding a mallet that said "help." The camera continued to gorilla position, where more people lay strewn all over the floor, with lights popping and smoke filling the area. The camera focused on a person in the corner in a buzzard mask, presumably Dexter Lumis, then someone else in a pig-like gas mask, potentially Joe Gacy. Previous clues on a Twitch stream from a QR code led many fans to the identities of the faction members, which had previously been reported by Pro Wrestling Insider.


Chad Gable was also seen taken out, with blood coming from his forehead. The camera then panned toward Uncle Howdy, who walked past Gable and the other figures followed him through the door onto the stage back to Cross. Howdy grabbed the lantern and the group posed as the copyright logo came up to end the broadcast. Howdy said "We're here" and blew out the lantern to end the show.