Adam Pearce Announces Chad Gable Is Cleared To Compete In MITB Qualifier On WWE Raw

On this week's "WWE Raw," the Wyatt Sicks let everyone know they were here and put the entire employee roster on notice. The devious group meticulously laid out a number of talent and staff backstage and in the production area before making their way to the stage to drink in the crowd's reaction. While there have been a number of guesses on who were among the group's victims, we know for sure that one was Chad Gable. "The Master" was scheduled to compete in a Money in the Bank triple threat qualifying match against Bronson Reed and Braun Strowman next week, but during "WWE Main Event," a graphic aired and showed that Gable had been replaced in the match by Ilja Dragunov. During "WWE SmackDown," however, a video from "Raw" general manager Adam Pearce was posted to X (formerly known as Twitter) announcing that Gable would, after all, be competing on Monday.


"Despite that attack and despite being severely shaken up, Chad Gable is medically cleared and will compete this Monday in a triple threat qualifying match for Money in the Bank ladder match against Braun Strowman and 'Big' Bronson Reed," Pearce said.

Before the announcement, Pearce noted that WWE's social media accounts had been hacked, but were now back under control. However, as Pearce began to talk about Gable, the message was interrupted several times by static and flashing images. He closed the video saying "Thank you for bearing with us, thank you for allowing me to deliver this message, and thank you for the privilege of —" before an image of someone's face appeared and the video ended. Prior to the onscreen return of the Wyatt Sicks, one of the QR codes led to a letter to say "thank you" to the fans; the letter ends by blaming the fans and saying the blood is on their hands.


Shortly before "SmackDown" ended, Gable posted an image of Jason Voorhees standing in an open grave on social media, seemingly celebrating his return from the dead.