Bo Dallas Explains Motivation Behind Wyatt Sicks To Uncle Howdy Alter Ego On WWE Raw

The Wyatt Sicks' resident Abby the Witch, formerly known as Nikki Cross, delivered a message to the WWE Universe from Uncle Howdy and Bo Dallas on "WWE Raw," all while giving Chad Gable another scare. Gable was taken out backstage in an attack by the Wyatt Sicks during their debut on "Raw" last week, but was cleared to compete after suffering what looked like a head injury from the debuting faction, ultimately qualifying for the Money in the Bank ladder match by defeating "Big" Bronson Reed and Braun Strowman.


Gable — whose digital graphics could be seen glitching as he approached and entered the ring — was celebrating his victory in the ring when the lights in the arena shut off, a chilling piano tune began, and fog filled the ring. Cross crawled into the ring behind Gable, who fell down, and was backed into a corner before making his escape.

Cross then made her way out of the ring and grabbed a package ringside. She handed it off to Michael Cole, who was the only person on commentary. When the broadcast came back from commercial, Cole opened the package, which he said was addressed to his co-commentator Pat McAfee, who was not present after receiving another Wyatt Sicks scare on an episode of his ESPN show earlier in the day. The package contained a VHS tape that said "play me" on the side.


Later in the show (after somebody in production found a VCR, per Cole) the video was played for the audience. The same piano music played to start off the footage, and Uncle Howdy was shown, as the tape flashed to show the entire Wyatt Sicks faction.

Bo Dallas bares his soul to Uncle Howdy

"Are you happy?" Howdy said in a distorted voice. "How have you been since the loss? Do you feel as though you have been forgotten?"

The late Bray Wyatt's brother, Bo Dallas, who plays the Uncle Howdy character, was then shown, appearing maskless on WWE TV for the first time since he was released from the company in 2021. He told his alter ego he was "nobody." Uncle Howdy then asked Dallas how he felt when his brother died.


"Like the most important thing in my life was taken away from me," Dallas said. "Like nothing was ever going to matter again."

Uncle Howdy then asked the mourning talent if he thought he was exploiting his brother's legacy, echoing concerns expressed by many fans in the wake of the Wyatt Sicks' debut last Monday. Dallas said that all he ever wanted his entire life was to be like his brother. He said he looked up to him and worked his entire career so he could be next to him.

"We were going to rule together. We were there. We had it," Dallas said. "And then it was taken away from me. There is no one on this earth that feels more hurt than me from his loss. Not one person on this earth feels what I feel. What am I supposed to do? ... let everyone forget about what he stood for? What he fought for? What he believed in?"


Dallas said that they made them "all remember," to which Uncle Howdy agreed. "Yes, we did," he told Dallas, and the camera panned to show that Dallas and his alter ego seated across from each other as the footage ended.