Matt Hardy Shares Excitement For Recently Debuted WWE Star

The Bloodline revealed its latest member on last week's "WWE SmackDown," as Jacob Fatu debuted with a surprise attack on Cody Rhodes. After being rumored for months, Fatu's debut caught the attention of many within the world of wrestling, including TNA's Matt Hardy. Speaking on "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," the former WWE star shared his thoughts on The Bloodline's newest addition.


"I'm very, very excited Jacob Fatu got to show up in WWE," Hardy said. "Since I've met him, I've loved him. He's been great. [I'm] really excited for him. I think his future is limitless. I think he's gonna be incredible."

Hardy stated that Fatu has always been very respectful to himself and his brother, which goes a long way. The Samoan was a fan of the Hardy brothers growing up, and Matt stated that the former MLW star is "down to earth" and easy to talk to. On top of that, Fatu stands out in the ring.

"He is so insanely talented," Hardy said. "He can move. He's strong. He can do it all, and I am very, very excited to see him on the WWE plane and see how great he can become. I think his ceiling is extremely, extremely high. I think he's a guy that can be a leader there."


Following the attack on Rhodes last week, tonight's "SmackDown" is scheduled to feature a "Bloodline Acknowledgement Ceremony" in Madison Square Garden, likely giving Fatu a proper introduction. As things continue moving toward an almost-inevitable Bloodline civil war, Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso, and The Rock haven't been seen on TV in months, while the faction has introduced three new members under the leadership of Solo Sikoa. As for the immediate future, it's been rumored that Solo Sikoa will step into the WWE SummerSlam main event against Rhodes for the Undisputed WWE Championship.

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