Backstage Details On Upcoming Retirement Tour For Legendary WWE Star John Cena

John Cena surprised many fans at Money in the Bank when he announced that he is set to retire from in-ring action, and a new report has revealed further details about his impending retirement. 

As per "Fightul Select," the news of Cena's upcoming retirement was known by many behind-the-scenes in WWE, but they kept it a secret. But, some of the stars that "Fightful" spoke to didn't know that the 16-time world champion would be retiring until they saw the special merchandise that was created for his retirement.


Many stars have reportedly expressed their desire to face Cena or have an angle with him, which they told "Fightful." WWE management has been discussing how the WWE legend could be used for his retirement tour, as well as what he could do after his retirement. Sources told "Fightful" that Cena could be used on-screen for some other purpose after his retirement, which Cena had also revealed in the post Money in the Bank presser. The report further added that Cena is set to not just work with WWE but also feature in his other projects during his retirement tour. Cena is reportedly expected to feature in 30 to 40 events in his retirement tour and will be present for much of 2025.

The former WWE Champion, in his retirement announcement speech, revealed that 2025 will be the last time fans will be able to see him wrestle, with his retirement tour kicking off in January 2025 and ending in December 2025. Cena is currently filming season 2 of the "Peacemaker" television series, which could air sometime next year.