Shawn Michaels Discusses The Impact Former AEW Stars Have Had On WWE NXT

Former AEW stars Ethan Page and Shawn Spears are currently riding high on "WWE NXT," and Shawn Michaels couldn't be happier with their contributions. Speaking on the NXT Heatwave 2024 media call (via WrestleZone), the "Heartbreak Kid" discussed their efforts thus far.


"They're fantastic," Michaels said. "Obviously Shawn Spears is someone that I worked with in NXT many many years ago. Great guy then and great guy now. I've just met Ethan Page but he's just been phenomenal coming in the door. I appreciate both of them from the leadership standpoint that they've been doing; they understand that they're sort of having a balancing act doing two things at once."

Page won the NXT Championship at Heatwave 2024, so it's fair to say that he's off to a flying start in his WWE career. While Spears has yet to add gold to his collection since returning, he was part of the fatal four-way main event at the same premium live event. Michaels believes that both competitors are having a career-high run at the moment, and he plans on continuing to present them in a strong light.


"They're in here having what I believe is their best run as a majority of the organizations that they've been in and I'm hoping to continue that for them. But also understanding that because of their experience and what they bring to the table, they're out there trying to help us develop and improve a lot of these young talent that we have coming through at NXT. I think the world of both of them."

Page debuted on "NXT" in May after leaving AEW due to being unhappy with his booking and lack of television time. Similarly, Spears returned to WWE in February after parting ways with Tony Khan's promotion following a prolonged absence from television.