WWE Star CM Punk Explains Why He And Cena Are Like Superman And Batman

CM Punk has looked back on his memorable rivalry with John Cena in WWE, explaining why they're like Batman and Superman.

Cena announced his retirement at Money in the Bank, and in the post show presser, Punk had nothing but good things to say about the 16-time world champion. "The Second City Saint" believes that his and Cena's careers have been interlinked, which he had previously expressed was like a marriage.


"I always looked at it [their dynamic] like Superman and Batman," assessed Punk. "You know, Superman — he's great, he's cool ... if you like that sort of thing. Then there's Batman — who doesn't like Batman? And that's what I mean, when you talk about John, you got to talk about me; certainly when you talk about me, you've got to talk about John."

Punk also discussed his iconic match with John Cena at Money in the Bank in 2011, and feels that it was one of the greatest moments of his iconic pro wrestling career.

"That moment, that night, you say it's the best moment of my career. I feel fortunate to have had a career where I can maybe argue that, and I think a lot of other people could argue that too," said Punk. "I'm going to always be tied to John Cena, and if that is the greatest moment of my career, I'm proud of that."


On this past week's "WWE Raw," Punk once again congratulated his old rival, and indicated his desire to face Cena one last time during his retirement tour. The two last faced each other in a singles match over a decade ago, when they battled to become the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight title on "Raw" in February 2013.