AEW Collision Viewership & Ratings Report: July 6, 2024

With a few exceptions here and there, "AEW Collision" has settled into a steady pattern with its viewership this spring/summer, generally drawing somewhere between the 400K mark on any given Saturday night. Unfortunately for "Collision," one of those exceptions seemed likely to occur this past weekend, when the show faced some of its stiffest competition in months, in the form of WWE's Money in the Bank PLE.


As has been the case against other WWE PLE's in the past, the event took its toll. Wrestlenomics reports that "Collision" drew 306K total viewers, and a 0.08 in the 18-49 demographic. Both numbers were well down from the week before, with total viewership dropping 27% from 422K, while 18-49 plummeted 33% from 0.12.

The situation didn't get much better for "Collision" when compared to the four week average. The drop in total viewership was identical to week over week, falling 27% from 418K. Meanwhile, 18-49 experienced a slightly worse drop, falling 38% from 0.13. While "Collision" will likely bounce back next weekend without PLE competition, the numbers prove the show will continue to face an uphill battle when it goes head to head against WWE.


Even with the low numbers, AEW put its best foot forward in trying to garner interest for "Collision," as the show opened with MJF cutting a promo, explaining his brutal attack against Daniel Garcia just days earlier on "AEW Dynamite." "Collision" closed with a well received main event between "Hangman" Adam Page and Jay White in the Owen Hart Foundation tournament semi-finals, with Page winning with the help of Christian Cage to move onto the finals of the tournament against Bryan Danielson this Wednesday.