Brooks Jensen's Future With WWE NXT Determined

"WWE NXT" star Brooks Jensen has been on a downward spiral for the last two months, but on Tuesday's episode of "NXT," he was given a glimmer of hope.

Tonight, Jensen met face-to-face with "NXT" General Manager Ava to address his recent series of online and on-screen outbursts, one of which resulted in him being "arrested" by Florida police. In assessing his behavior, Jensen noted that he lost control while trying to configure his future on the "NXT" brand. Furthermore, Jensen admitted that he felt an added sense of pressure in being a second generation wrestler. Nevertheless, Jensen apologized for his recent actions.


General Manager Ava then informed Jensen that she and Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative Shawn Michaels nearly terminated him from his WWE contract. Luckily for Jensen, though, a few undisclosed people went out their way to vouch for him; as a result, he has been granted a second chance with WWE. With the aid of a healthy support system, Jensen now looks to make an impact on the "NXT" brand.

Jensen last wrestled on the March 12 episode of "NXT," namely in a losing effort to NXT North American Champion Oba Femi. In the months following this loss, Jensen claimed that he had departed from WWE, and was keen on making on working the independent wrestling scene under his real name of Ben Buchanan. This series of events was reportedly part of a storyline that has now led to Jensen being brought back into the fold of "NXT." There is no word on the specific direction this storyline will take Jensen next.