Bully Ray Analyzes Details Of Wyatt Sicks Segment, Names Only WWE Star Who's Safe

Earlier this week on "WWE Raw," the Wyatt Sicks continued making their presence known, appearing once again via video tape before Bo Dallas was seen sitting inside Adam Pearce's office. Speaking on "Busted Open Radio," WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray stated that he's excited to see Dallas interact with Pearce onscreen, but Bully had issues with another aspect of the Wyatt Sicks on Monday's "Raw."


"[Michael] Cole and Pat McAfee's lack of reaction, lack of being scared," Bully said. "They don't know if this girl can spit venom out of her mouth. They don't know if she has ... a knife. If that woman walked into your home, would you stand your ground right there, or would you kind of back away?"

Bully was referring to Sister Abigail (AKA Nikki Cross) appearing again during Monday's broadcast to deliver a VHS tape to Cole and McAfee at the commentary table. This has become a regular occurrence over the last several weeks, but Bully feels that the duo should still be selling the impact of Abigail's appearance.

"She can always leave the box right there on the table," Bully continued. "Go to black — go to commercial. Come back from commercial with McAfee and Cole coming back to the table. 'We've got another box here, folks.'"


Additionally, Bully felt that Sheamus could have acted more fearful of the group as well. Having an established star with a tough-guy persona expressing his unease over the faction would have an even greater impact.

"There's only one person on the roster right now — only one — who should not fear the Wyatt Sicks," Bully stated. "Braun Strowman."

Though not a founding member, Strowman was part of the original Wyatt Family stable. He joined the faction in 2015 before breaking out on his own the following year.

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