Why WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash Is Unsure About Wyatt Sicks Storyline

The Wyatt Sicks have become one of the more talked-about aspects of WWE programming since their official debut last month, but not everyone is fully onboard with the faction just yet. Speaking on a recent edition of "Kliq This," Kevin Nash shared why he hasn't been enjoying the storyline.


"That whole thing with Gable running around ... just felt so contrived," Nash said. "Then again, how could it not, right?"

The WWE Hall of Famer clarified that he didn't want to say the angles have been bad, but rather that he just isn't sure what direction the story is headed in. Looking back at the late Bray Wyatt and the Fiend character that the Wyatt Sicks have taken inspiration from, Nash feels that the character wasn't necessary and Wyatt could have continued as the original version of his onscreen persona.

The retired wrestler went as far as to state that Wyatt should have ended The Undertaker's famous streak when they faced off at WWE WrestleMania 31. The company is clearly looking to pay tribute to Wyatt's legacy with this new group, but Nash isn't sure if it will be a success.


"Bray's not with us," Nash continued. "It's kind of a downer, but at the same time, it's interesting. I know that there's a connection between Bo and his brother through this. It has to play out. It's just — man, it's thin ice."

Nash proceeded to compliment Dallas' wrestling abilities, stating that he simply got lost in the shuffle over the years. The 34-year-old now has an opportunity to try something different while paying tribute to his late brother. It just remains to be seen if WWE sticks the landing.

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