Kevin Owens Returns To In-Ring Action After Two Month Layoff

Kevin Owens has made his in-ring return to "WWE Raw" after two months of not competing in the squared circle.

Owens came face-to-face with former thorn-in-his-side Ezekiel in the squared circle during tonight's edition of "Raw". Owens wasted no time going after Ezekiel, firing down punches and kicks, dragging him to the outside, and sending him face-first into the ring post. Owens then slammed Ezekiel's head into the commentary desk before delivering his finisher, the pop-up powerbomb, to Ezekiel on to the apron. The referee checked on Ezekiel before calling medical personnel down to ringside, and Ezekiel was stretchered out of the arena as Owens stood in the ring, smiling. The attack mirrored Owens' WWE debut in "NXT" in 2014, which saw him deliver the pop-up powerbomb on the apron to new "NXT" Champion Sami Zayn on his first night in the company — Owens would go on to perform the destructive move on several "NXT" and WWE stars.

Later in the show, backstage interviewer Kevin Patrick tracked Owens down as he was leaving the arena, asking him why he viciously attacked Ezekiel. Owens explained that he wanted to remind fans exactly he was, proclaiming that "Raw" was still the Kevin Owens Show.

The segment marked Owens' first appearance on WWE programming since the June 13 edition of "Raw", when he faced off against Ezekiel, losing the match via count out. He had been entangled in the feud since the "Raw" after WrestleMania 38, after Ezekiel interrupted him to introduced himself. The two would face off in a singles match during WWE Hell In A Cell, which Owens won. The status of Ezekiel's current character, which has seen the same performer playing what are, supposedly, different members of the same family, remains unclear, but the powerbomb-on-the-apron spot has traditionally meant that the move's victim is off TV for at least a few weeks.