Rey Mysterio Names WWE Raw Star He Would Like To Face At WrestleMania

Rey Mysterio has competed in 10 WWE WrestleMania matches throughout his career, but that doesn't mean he has any plans to slow down with WWE WrestleMania 39 on the horizon. As the company boasts about record ticket sales for the event next year, the former World Champion has a specific opponent he'd like to face. 

"The one guy I had in mind, and it's actually happening right now as we speak is Finn Balor," Mysterio told Inside The Ropes. "The opportunity of working against Finn, and these last couple of weeks that we have been on Raw, I really feel like we have great chemistry together. It was bound to happen just because I know how dedicated he is, and how committed he is, so I think the program I have been doing with Finn has been incredible."

A name that fans have been discussing as a potential opponent for Mysterio is his own son, Dominik, even though they have been working as a tag team since Dominik's debut, which has seen them capture the "WWE SmackDown" Tag Team Championships previously. A potential father and son WWE WrestleMania match would no doubt be a big deal, but it remains to be seen whether WWE will pull the trigger on them splitting up. 

"I mean, I always felt that it would be difficult to put my hands on top of my son and hurt him," he said. "I don't only think about myself, but I also think about what my wife would feel, and I know it was hard, it's been hard, I mean just coming up with that top is very difficult around the house."

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