Teddy Long Reveals Origins Of Unique Way He Would Introduce The Undertaker

Teddy Long has seen and done it all in his 37 years in the wrestling business, from refereeing to managing to announcing tag team matches as "SmackDown" general manager. He is also fondly remembered for the way he introduced WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker, during both men's tenure on "SmackDown" in the mid-2000s.

In an appearance on Muscle Man Martin, Long revealed how he came up with the unique way he introduced The Phenom. "One time I was sitting down and we were talking to Vince," Long said. "And Vince wasn't really talking to me, he was talking to someone else. And they went out and they introduced somebody. Well Vince stopped them and said 'No, no. You have to make my stars mean something. So when you introduce them, give them some razzle dazzle.' And I heard that, and that's all I needed. I just went and gave that for The Undertaker. I brought that game. That came from me."

Long also discussed Vince McMahon's recent retirement, and the future of WWE without Vince at the helm. "Vince has been there a real long time," Long said. "He's very creative, very smart. I hope the company survives without him, because Vince was the rock right there. He kept everything together. He's going to be missed, that's all I can say. He's the reason that I'm where I am today. He really took care of my career. I owe it to nobody but Vince McMahon." Long was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame himself in 2017, and has made occasional appearances for WWE since.

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