Goldberg Addresses Why WWE Match With Steve Austin Never Happened

After Goldberg finally signed with WWE in 2003, many fans were clamoring for fresh match-ups that involved the former WCW Champion. While viewers were able to see some of those dream matches come to fruition, such as a bout with The Rock, one that never happened was Goldberg versus arguably the biggest WWE star of the Attitude Era, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

"There's no question that I wish it would've happened," WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg said while on "Talk is Jericho." "That was the match to have. Why it never happened, I think 90% of the reasoning behind that was [Austin's] neck issues and my finishing moves, right? Whether it be the spear, whether it be the Jackhammer, I don't think that those are moves that he would've wanted to, wanted to do, nor would his boss would've wanted him to do. I think it was a safety issue more so than anything."

Goldberg's two most famous moves, as mentioned, are the Spear and Jackhammer, which he famously delivers with high impact and velocity. The former football player has been accused by some of being dangerous inside the squared circle, with WWE legend Bret Hart going as far to say that Goldberg's "workrate was a 0/10" and bashing his ability on multiple occasions. Austin would have his last match — at least until his surprise return opposite Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 38 — at WrestleMania 19, just a few weeks prior to Goldberg's in-ring debut for WWE at Backlash 2003.

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