CJ Perry Recalls WWE Angle She Wanted To Do That Made Miro Freak Out

CJ Perry, formerly known as Lana during her time in WWE, spent most of her WWE career as a manager. However, she did tally up 64 TV and pay-per-view matches from 2016 until her WWE release in June 2021, and near the end became famous for taking a particular bump. "I actually like begged [to be put through a table]," Perry said on Busted Open Radio. "I wanted to go through a table for a really long time and Miro was like, 'Absolutely not,' he's like, 'Do you want to die?' ... I pitched so many different times for me to go through a table ... I'm actually a big believer that the table thing with Nia would've never happened if Miro was there because he was so protective over me."

Perry entered a feud with Nia Jax, who has also since been released from WWE, in November 2021, with Jax putting Perry through the "Raw" announce table nine weeks in a row during the Thunderdome era. Perry eventually got her revenge on Jax, defeating her in their second and third singles matches, with the third and final encounter appropriately being a Tables Match. Perry was finally able to put Jax through a table to win.. 

Miro, Perry's husband (formerly known as Rusev in WWE), had been released over a year prior to the table spots occurring on WWE TV. Perry originally started out onscreen as a valet for her husband, but following her popularity growing, the "Ravishing Russian" began to wrestle. After his WWE exit, Miro found a home in AEW, winning the TNT Championship and holding it for 140 days.

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