AEW House Of The Dragon Dynamite Drops In Viewership

AEW's special "House of the Dragon" episode of "Dynamite" didn't do too much to set the ratings on fire Wednesday night. Wrestlenomics shared the viewership information for the August 17 edition of "Dynamite" and the program accrued an average of 957,000 viewers, down two percent from last week's "Quake By The Lake" special. The 18-49 audience was also down as "Dynamite" had 391,000 viewers on average, a nine-percent dip from last week's audience of 400,000, giving "House Of The Dragon" a 0.30 P18-49 rating.

"Dynamite" has stayed consistent in retaining the top spot in the rankings for cable originals on Wednesdays, but "House of the Dragon" saw it drop to second place behind "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" on Bravo which also garnered a 0.30 P18-49 rating. For broadcast primetime, "Dynamite" came finished in ninth place overall. "Big Brother" on CBS came in first with a 0.80 P18-49 rating.

The ratings from last year are sobering as the average viewership for the August 18, 2021 episode of "Dynamite" was at 975,000, two percent more than this week. However, the stark difference is in the key demographic. The episode of "Dynamite" from this week one year ago had an average audience of 447,000, 12 percent more than "House of the Dragon." This episode was the lead-in to "AEW Rampage: The First Dance," CM Punk's return to professional wrestling. Next week's episode does have an AEW World Title Unification match between Punk and Jon Moxley scheduled, but it will have a high number to contend with as the August 25, 2021 episode of "Dynamite" had 1,172,000 in total viewership and a 0.48 P18-49 rating.