Booker T Believes AEW Needs To Have 'An Intervention' Regarding 'CM Punk Situation'

Chaos has surrounded AEW's top stars this week, with rumors of tension between "Hangman" Adam Page and CM Punk becoming the talk of the town since the AEW Champions promo on "AEW Dynamite." The promo, which appeared to spawn from a build-up of dissent amongst the AEW roster, has further perpetrated a volatile environment backstage at AEW. Furthermore, these tensions have also put Punk's relationship with the company into question, with some people backstage thinking that he's so unhappy that Punk might quit AEW.

This hectic situation has spawned plenty of opinions from fans and insiders alike. WWE Hall of Famer Booker T personally believes that Punk's frustrations are not a shocking development (via Hall of Fame). "Everything that we're hearing in the news right now and on social media, I'm not surprised." Booker said bluntly, "Now we see that this isn't about wrestling ... it's about [Punk] being in the right situation." Booker went on to say that AEW President Tony Khan needs to take control of the situation before people begin to feel mistreated. "Certain guys coming in [receiving] certain treatment, and certain guys that have been there [receiving] certain treatment, that's where the rift is gonna come in," Booker warned, "just like it did in WCW."

Booker further emphasized the need to solve these issues surrounding "the CM Punk situation" swiftly by saying, "There's definitely gonna have to be some intervention ... because right now, I feel like AEW is off track. I think they're like a politician and they're off-message right now." He went on to compare AEW to their former head-to-head rival, NXT, before concluding that "There are so many antics going on right now with AEW."