WWE Hall Of Famer Reacts To Mustafa Ali's Refusal To Be 'Marketable'

Mustafa Ali has been a regular fixture on WWE TV since Triple H took over the creative direction of the promotion. Besides being inserted into the United States Title picture, Ali has been featured in a new tag team with Cedric Alexander. As such, it appears Ali will get more airtime going forward, and the Superstar has every intention of seizing his opportunity.

Through a passionate rant on social media Sunday, Ali affirmed that he refuses to be "marketable" and would rather embrace who he truly is.

"I've always found myself toning down who i am to be more "marketable"...and because of that i find myself trying to find myself," Ali wrote on Twitter. "im pakistani. im indian. im american. im muslim. im mustafa ali. and im gonna embrace all that. screw being marketable. im gonna be a message."

The likes of WWE Hall of Famer "Road Dogg" Brian James and Titus O'Neil responded to the post, encouraging Ali to blaze his own trail.

"Just be you big dog," Road Dogg wrote. "You are the part that's marketable!!"

Fans on social media believe Ali was referencing his "New America" storyline, which was nixed after just one week last Fall. On the October 29, 2021 "WWE SmackDown," following a loss to Drew McIntyre, Ali would grab the microphone and address the crowd, emphasizing that the only reason fans won't accept him is because of his name. 

Was Ali Referencing 'New America' Storyline?

A week later, Ali shared an unreleased vignette where he could be heard preaching the need for a "New America" while dressed up in a suit. However, the political character was "deemed controversial," according to Ali, and therefore scrapped by WWE management. 

Shortly thereafter, Ali reportedly had a heated argument with Vince McMahon, which led to the wrestler asking for his release from the company. While he was never granted his release, Ali remained off WWE TV through November 2021 until his return on the April 25 "WWE Raw" earlier this year.

With Triple H assuming control of WWE Creative, could Ali potentially bring back his nixed "New America" character? According to PWInsder, Triple H is "loosening up" restrictions as it pertains to scripted promos, encouraging talents to incorporate their real personalities into their WWE characters. 

Ali was seen in action at a pair of WWE live events in Canada over the weekend, taking losses to Finn Balor of Judgment Day in singles matches.