Victoria Addresses Whether She Would Return To WWE For One More Run

There's a new regime atop WWE following Vince McMahon's retirement, with Nick Khan and Stephanie McMahon now running the business end as co-CEO's, while Triple H has taken over as new Head of Creative and Head of Talent Relations. For former WWE Women's Champion Victoria, this is all good news for the women's division and WWE as a whole, which she explained in an interview with Just Alyx.

"She's always been an advocate for the Divas matches, the women's matches," Victoria said. "I think it's amazing. I love her. I always got along with her. And then Paul, Triple H, I saw a headline that he was bringing back old talent. That's listening to the fans. They're listening to the fans and giving them what they want." As for whether all these changes would be enough to get Victoria to make a comeback, in WWE or anywhere else, she had this to say.

"It has to be presented to me with a storyline," Victoria said. "Like, which opponent am I going to be facing? There's a lot to consider, like how much time do I have to get ready, because that would be make or break for me. 'We want you to come back in a week.' The fans are going to crap on me. I can't get ready in a week for a match. Not with the caliber of girls they have now. I would need some time to prepare. But you never say never, right? Look at Ric Flair, Nick Dinsmore, aka Eugene, Mickie James. It's a bad word to say. The r word is bad, retiring, because you never know. It's almost like 'I better not say this, because I know it's going to bite me in the butt.'"

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