Box Wearing Fan Sitting At Ringside Unmasked On AEW Dynamite

Nearly a year ago, Kip Sabian debuted his bizarre new look during a meet-and-greet fan event in Chicago at All Out weekend. Subsequently, Sabian would continue to sit ringside at AEW's shows wearing a cardboard box over his head with eye holes, and the slogan "Underrated Over It" written across the front.

While Sabian has, on several occasions, teased returning to an AEW ring, there was growing uncertainty if AEW had any plans for the English wrestler at all.

On the 8/24 "AEW Dynamite," Sabian was finally unboxed during the main event AEW World Trios tournament match between United Empire and Death Triangle. The big unveil happened when PAC approached a person he thought was Sabian. However, once PAC unboxed the person, it was revealed to be someone else with a bruised face and a taped-up mouth. Just then, the real Sabian would ambush PAC from behind, taking out the AEW All Atlantic Champion in the process.

Sabian's interference also cost Death Triangle the match, as United Empire advanced to the next round of the AEW World Trios Titles tourney.

A potential Sabian vs. PAC match has been building up for quite a while. Sabian, without a box over his head, has been following PAC across the world during PAC's title defenses at various events. He has also been shown in several clips aired by AEW. 

Sabian has not wrestled in an AEW ring since his "Arcade Anarchy" match in March 2021. After that match, Sabian was brutally attacked by his tag team partner, Miro, and subsequently written off AEW TV. The storyline was done so Sabian could take time off to undergo arm surgery.