Backstage News On WWE's Alleged Contract Tampering

It was recently reported that WWE had contacted a member of the AEW roster, but according to Dave Meltzer in the latest "Wrestling Observer Radio," there were multiple people that have been spoken to by WWE. 


Originally it was believed to just be one individual that had been reached out to by WWE, and while it was not known who that person was, they did decide to alert upper management within AEW about the situation. But, now it appears that there is more than one wrestler that has allegedly been spoken to by someone from WWE as the contract tampering situation begins to become more serious. 

The first unnamed talent reportedly told WWE they were happy with their work situation, but it is obviously something that Tony Khan is taking seriously, and he reportedly addressed that during the mandatory talent meeting that took place prior to "AEW Dynamite" this week. During the meeting the talent were informed that AEW's Chief Legal Officer, Megha Parekh, had sent an email to WWE co-CEOs Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan warning them about contract tampering.


It is still unknown which members of the AEW roster have been spoke to, or who from WWE specifically reached out, but Chris Jericho has made some comments on social media to allude that he could be one of those.

Since Triple H took charge of the creative department in WWE several wrestlers have made their returns to the company, the most recent of which has been Johnny Gargano, while Hit Row, Karrion Kross, and Dexter Lumis have all made comebacks. There are many members of the AEW roster that he has previously worked with in "WWE NXT," but they are under contracts with Khan's company, meaning they're not free to talk with WWE, whether they would want to or not.