Bobby Fish Reflects On What It Was Like To Work For Triple H

Bobby Fish worked under Triple H's leadership during his entire run in "NXT" from June 2017 until his eventual release in August 2021. While in "NXT," Fish found great success in the tag team division, winning the "NXT" Tag Team Championship twice while in one of the most successful groups in the brand's history, the Undisputed Era. Fish has since signed with WWE's biggest competitor, AEW. However, that's not stopping Fish from praising his former boss.


"I grew up, you know, watching Hunter so I was a fan," Fish said while on the "Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast." "The way that he saw the whole thing was just awesome and it was like, man, this guy, one, I'm a fan of the way he sees the business, but two, he wants the business itself to thrive and go to, have uncharted success, and then after being there with him for the better part of three or four years ... I would, I would go to war for that man. Hands down."

Fish continued his praise for WWE's new Head of Creative, Triple H, and how he felt working for The Game.

"I was really happy working for Hunter and if that was going to be on 'NXT,' I was cool with staying there," Fish said. "If he was going to go to 'Raw,' I would've wanted to go to 'Raw,' you know? I liked working for Hunter ... I wanted to come back through the curtain and have [Triple H and Shawn Michaels] be like, 'Yeah, you godd*** f***ing right.'"


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