Eddie Kingston Torches Veteran Wrestler Over 'Fat Shaming' Tweet

AEW star Eddie Kingston, recently suspended by AEW President Tony Khan following an altercation, has taken matters into his own hands on social media against a veteran wrestler regarding their criticisms aimed at so-called bigger wrestlers in the business. 

Glenn Gilbertti, better known to wrestling fans as Disco Inferno, isn't one to shy away from expressing his opinion and, without being asked, attempted to offer his advice to wrestlers who have recently been on the receiving end of fat shaming. "Wrestlers and fans need to pull a full stop on this "fat shaming" bulls***. The wrestlers being fat shamed need to put the effort in to the gym and diet instead of playing victim. Do the f*cking work and stop embarrassing this industry." Up stepped Kingston, who clearly did not take Gilbertti's words kindly, and responded by giving the former WCW wrestler a taste of his own medicine, "You never did the work and the boys kept you around to laugh at you. I remember hearing the story where big show [Paul Wight] farted in your face. You ain't a man."

It appears Gilbertti isn't making many friends in AEW, as he engaged in a spat with former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega earlier this year regarding the Stardom promotion based in Japan. Gilbertti highlighted a video posted on Twitter of AZM, Mei Suruga and a referee involved in a brief reversal sequence during a match. Gilbertti questioned the brief interaction between both wrestlers and the referee by saying, "Didn't Dave [Meltzer] say these were the best women's wrestlers?" Omega hit back, describing Gilbertti as an "un-athletic enhancement talents of yesteryear."