Booker T Hopes Top WWE Star Is Able To Retire On Their Own Terms

WWE Hall Of Famer Edge was back in action this week in the main event of "WWE Raw." He faced Damien Priest in Edge's first match back in Toronto for 12 years. However, it was what Edge said after the show ended that got the wrestling world buzzing. Edge hinted that he would like to retire in Toronto next summer, which has led to speculation about his future, with Booker T admitting that, "you've got to let it go sometime."

"Edge, he is doing some of his best work right now, I must say, he's like the player-coach right now," Booker said on his "Hall Of Fame" radio show. "When I watch someone like Edge go out there and display his art and his talent, right now working with these young guys, The Judgment Day, it's cool man, it's awesome."

Edge had previously been forced to retire back in 2011 due to neck issues, but that wasn't something that he had planned or prepared for, which is why he worked hard to return. The "Rated-R Superstar" made his comeback at the 2020 Royal Rumble, and since then he has been a regular part of the product, feuding with many of the current stars, but he has admitted that the end of his career is coming. 

"Hopefully he will walk out on his own term, because the first time around he didn't get a chance to," Booker said. "Now he's at that point to where he might not be ready to go, but I am sure his body is telling him, 'Hey man, what are we doing here, how long we gonna push this?'"

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