Tay Melo Opens Up About Relationship With Sammy Guevara's Ex-Fiancée

AAA Mixed Tag Team Champions Tay Melo and Sammy Guevara got married recently. This wasn't long after they two began dating at the beginning of the year, leading to their engagement shortly after. However, it wasn't the first time Guevara had proposed to someone in recent times, as he previously popped the question to his then-girlfriend, Pam Nizio, on an episode of "AEW Dynamite."

Melo and Guevara started dating shortly after he and Nizio broke up, causing the young couple to receive lots of flak on social media. Some people assumed that they had an affair while Guevara was still engaged to his ex, but the relationship was reportedly over before Melo became involved with "The Spanish God."

During a recent interview with Denise Salcedo, Melo opened up about the criticism she received. She said that the negative feedback took its toll on her, even though she had plenty to celebrate at the time. "At the end of 2021, there was all that drama with me and Sammy. I was super upset because that was the best year of my career."

However, she knew that she and Guevara did nothing wrong at the end of the day. "I know who I am, and I know I did nothing wrong... People just talking s***."

Furthermore, Melo revealed that both she and Sammy have a positive relationship with Nizio, and that there are no hard feelings between them whatsoever. "Every time we've had a conversation about her, Sammy always talks about her with a lot of respect and love," Melo stated.

She continued, "After the whole [social media] drama, she was the one that text us, to check on us," stating that Nizio was concerned about their well-being and wanted to make sure they were okay.