Konosuke Takeshita Reveals Favorite Match Of His Career

DDT Pro Wrestling star Konosuke Takeshita made a name for himself during his time in North America this year, becoming a standout in AEW and across the United States independent scene. While the "Japanese Phenom" made his return to Japan in August, he has recently confirmed his intentions to return stateside and wrestle long-term in America, meaning that fans in the U.S. have not seen the last of him.

Despite being perceived as a young up-and-comer to many western fans, Takeshita has had 10 years' worth of experience competing against some of the best wrestlers in the world as DDT's golden boy. When asked in an interview with Wrestling Republic's Eric Novak on "The All Real Wrestling Podcast" about what matches Takeshita believes was his best and most notable match during his earlier days in DDT, Takeshita replied with names that many AEW fans are already very familiar with. 

"My turning point was me and Tetsuya Endo vs. Kenny [Omega] and Ibushi, the Golden Lovers," Takeshita firmly said. That match, which took place in September 2014, was a battle over the KO-D Tag Team Championships inside the legendary Korakuen Hall.

Golden Lovers vs. Takeshita and Endo II?

Takeshita looks back fondly on the match he and Endo had against Ibushi and Omega, remembering the unique dynamic that the teams had against each other. Translator and AEW star Michael Nakazawa aided Takeshita in discussing what it was like battling against The Golden Lovers. "Kota and Kenny, they were already big names," Nakazawa added. "They are great wrestlers, so if he takes time to think about what to do next, they take the advantage. So he tried not to think and just feel. Feel everything."

Takeshita's strong feelings towards that match led Novak to ask the DDT star who he would team with if he could face off against Ibushi and Omega again. Takeshita, who has yet to establish a tag team partner in the United States, says he'd like to run the match back with the same partner as last time. "Me and Endo, in the last eight years, we have grown up," Takeshita proclaimed. "[Kenny and Kota] are more high-grade wrestlers." 

Nakazawa helped Takeshita conclude his statement, saying, "If he had a rematch against Ibushi and Kenny, the match would be even better than what they did [in 2014]." Endo betrayed Takeshita and the "Happy Motel" faction back in 2016, but a match against the Golden Lovers could be what it takes to reunite the former partners in the future.