Billy Gunn Comments On Working With His Sons In AEW

WWE Hall of Famer and former multi-time WWE Tag Team Champion Billy Gunn has experienced a career resurgence in AEW at 58 years old. Gunn can typically be found on either "Dynamite" or "Rampage" every week in some capacity. Until recently, he appeared alongside his sons, the Gunn Club, who are now his storyline enemies. Very few children get to wrestle alongside or against their parents in wrestling. Austin and Colten Gunn, meanwhile, get the rare opportunity to do both in AEW.

"If you ask them, now it's getting annoying because I literally coach when I'm out there," Billy said on The Sessions with Renee Paquette. "Sometimes they just want to kind of go through the motions and I'm really out there and they're going, 'Dad, stop for one second' ... It's so much fun... It's good, it's good, you know, because Austin was in it first. I knew Austin was going to be the one. Colten, not so much."

The Gunn Club began in AEW during the early stages of the pandemic with just Billy and his son Austin teaming up. In November 2020, the tag team became a trio as Billy's other son, Colten, debuted and has since wrestled alongside Austin and/or Billy in almost all of his matches. Recently, Colten and Austin turned on their father on the August 17th edition of "AEW: Dynamite," who has since aligned himself with The Acclaimed for good after previously being by their side during the original alliance between the Gunn Club and The Acclaimed.

Colten and Austin may be sons of a Gunn, but they differ in their personalities

Billy revealed what about Colten — who, on the August 24th edition of "AEW Dynamite" defeated Billy in only his third singles match in history — irritates him sometimes. "Colten ... analyzes everything," Billy said. "Sometimes, it's to the point of irritation. Like sometimes you just have to let things flow but he analyzes and analyzes and analyzes."

Although Austin and Colten have the same father, they have very different personalities both on and off screen, with Austin appearing the more flamboyant of the two. Billy discussed the differences between his two sons. "Austin is so full of energy and charisma and so over the top," Billy said. "My thing with Colten is, 'You cannot match that because then it comes off as phony. Just be you, just be you and you two working together, you'll find that rhythm where both of you will become one and be able to do that."

Billy was once part of an iconic and successful tag team during the Attitude Era that his sons remind him of. "I like to compare them to me and [Road Dogg], he continued. "Me and [Dogg] are totally opposite, I could never talk on the mic like he could ... but I have my things and when we combined those two they work really good because neither of us are trying to force what we are not good at."

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