Theory Explains Why He Didn't Cash In MITB Briefcase At WWE SummerSlam

Theory won the WWE men's Money in the Bank briefcase earlier this year, guaranteeing him a shot at the company's top title at a time of his choosing. Heading into "SummerSlam," the cocky Superstar teased cashing in the briefcase during the main event between WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. However, when the time came, Theory's attempt to cash in was unsuccessful. 

Basically, Theory was attacked during the aforementioned match and didn't have the opportunity to take advantage of Reigns. However, the 25-year-old cited another reason for his unsuccessful attempt during a recent interview with NBC Sports Boston.

"You can't tell people when you're going to cash in," Theory explained. 

The rising star also stated that his inability to walk out of the premium live event with the gold had nothing to do with Reigns and Lesnar beating him down. "The reason I wasn't able to cash in at 'SummerSlam,' was because of how ridiculously long the ramp was," he recalled, referring to the ramp that stretched from NFL team Tennessee Titans' tunnel to the middle of the field in Nissan Stadium, where the ring was located.

During "SummerSlam's" main event, Lesnar drove a tractor down to the ring and flopped it over, which caught Theory by surprise. "Did I plan for a tractor? Did I plan for a two-mile run?" Of course, the ramp wasn't actually two miles, but Theory was in full exaggeration mode during the interview. It is unclear when Theory will cash in Money in the Bank, but it seems as if he'll have to go through an old mentor first.