Konosuke Takeshita Names His Dream Opponents In AEW

The "Japanese Phenom" Konosuke Takeshita intends on returning stateside by the end of the year, and he has a few names to check off his bucket list. The 10-year veteran, who has remained an exclusive member of the DDT Pro Wrestling roster for his entire career, has had his first long-term stint away from the company this year, competing in AEW and various U.S. indie promotions. While he did recently return to Japan to compete for his home company in August, his excursion opened his eyes to a world of wrestlers he is yet to compete against but would like to in the future.

Talking with Wrestling Republic's Eric Novak on the "All Real Wrestling Podcast" about some of his dream opponents in AEW, Takeshita said, "In the U.S., I don't have a tag partner, singles match only, but I like the tag match style, so I want to fight in more tag matches in the US." 

Takeshita went on to specify a few tag teams, naming the Young Bucks and FTR as the tag teams he wants to wrestle against if possible. Takeshita also named Daniel Garcia and Lee Moriarty as people he'd like to form teams with, citing their similar age and generation as the reason.

Who does Takeshita want to wrestle outside of AEW?

Takeshita may have gained his notoriety as a member of the AEW roster, but his time in the United States was spent on the independent scene just as much as it was in the juggernaut company. When asked who outside of AEW he would like to wrestle, he acknowledged that he's wrestled a lot of people that he wanted to in his first excursion, recalling the time he faced the AEW World Champion Jon Moxley, the former ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham, and the Impact World Champion Josh Alexander over the span of ten days. 

However, the Motor City Machine Guns, and Alex Shelley specifically, remain atop Takeshita's independent wishlist. "Alex Shelley spent a lot of time in Japan," Takeshita explained, " so I watched his matches, and I liked his matches, so I want to fight [him] one day."

Before moving on in the discussion, PAC came up in the conversation and was said to be one more dream match on Takeshita's list. Michael Nakazawa, the translator for the interview, explained that not only does Takeshita want to wrestle PAC, but many fans have also been wanting to see that match, making it even more appealing for the DDT star.