Carmella Gives Update On Her Recovery From Injury

Carmella has spent most of August on the shelf after appearing to suffer a head injury while she was working a tag match at a live event in Charleston, SC earlier this month. During the match, she rolled out of the ring in a move that many thought was meant to garner heel heat. Everyone in the bout seemingly bought into the notion it was a normal part of the match, including Bianca Belair and Asuka. The two started doing a chicken dance to imply that Carmella was scared to re-enter the match and got the live crowd chanting "chicken." Suddenly, an "X" was thrown up by the official, and Carmella was helped to the back. It was also noted that her eyes were being covered to protect her from the bright lights, indicating a head injury.

Now, the former WWE "SmackDown" Women's Champion is giving fans some insight into how her recovery is going. On Monday morning a fan asked Carmella on Twitter about when she could be returning to the ring. "I'm not sure yet.. still recovering. Hopefully soon! I miss y'all," she replied.

Carmella was off to a hot start this summer as she unexpectedly became WWE "Raw" Women's Champion Bianca Belair's opponent at WWE Money In The Bank in Las Vegas. She ultimately lost the match, but it gave her the opportunity to show her viability as a singles competitor.

"I want an opportunity to show what I can do," Carmella said on an earlier episode of "After The Bell." "I want to remind people of what I can do because I know what I'm capable of but maybe some people out there forgot. I'd like my opportunity to remind everyone what I'm capable of."