Dwight Howard Names WWE Legend He Wants To Model Himself After

Every wrestler who breaks into the business has someone that they look up to and admire, and for NBA star Dwight Howard — who recently took part in WWE's tryout during WWE SummerSlam weekend — that man is The Rock.

"We have the same type of attitude and charisma, somebody that loves entertaining the crowd, somebody that loves lifting weights and being big and strong, he's also a good actor and entertainer," Howard told "WrestleRant." "I would say that he is like the person that I would love to be like, somebody who's excelled at a sport, then he came to WWE and blew up as a wrestler, then after that he started doing movies and stuff like that."

Throughout his WWE career, The Rock was well known for his promo ability, something Howard appeared to channel during his tryout when he cut a promo that got the wrestling world talking. The Rock took that ability into his movie career, where his charisma has elevated him to a box office superstar.

"He's inspired tons and tons of people all over the world by just being him, and I have that same passion and I would love to follow down that lead of somebody like The Rock, because he's set a pathway," Howard said. "He's made a way for athletes to transition to other things and be even greater and have more light to themselves."

While it's unknown whether The Rock will ever step back into the ring himself for another match, Howard admitted it "would be crazy" for the two of them to potentially share the ring at WWE's WrestleMania in the future.

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