Gunther Comments On His Time Working With Vince McMahon

Triple H has brought a lot of fresh faces to the main roster since taking charge of WWE's creative department, but before he was in that role Vince McMahon had brought Gunther (formerly WALTER) to "WWE SmackDown." The two men didn't get to spend much time together due to McMahon retiring, but the Intercontinental Champion admitted he was "kind of glad" he got the chance to work with the former WWE Chairman.

"I am actually glad I got the chance to work with Vince a little bit since my time there and the few interactions we had, there weren't that many," Gunther told "101 WRIF." "I still made that experience a little bit, obviously everybody was surprised about that, whatever company if somebody else is in charge things gonna be done a little different, that's normal, everybody has his own approach. But I've gotta be honest I haven't felt stressed or anything like that before, I always kind of focused on myself and ... that's not gonna change."

A lot of praise has been placed on Triple H since gaining more power behind the scenes, and while there have been obvious changes such as Matt Riddle getting his first name back, there isn't a major company memo to push everything. "Professional wrestlers at the end is a sports entertainer ... it's not a competitive sport. You can say it one or the other way, I always refer to myself as a professional wrestler, even in WWE, where the entertainment aspect is way higher let's say than compared to other places," he said. "When the bells rings it's wrestling what we do, that will never change, and that's what it is. But there has not been a memo or something like that where it's like, 'Hey guys, you can call yourself wrestlers again,' or something."

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