Drew McIntyre Teases Return Of Old WWE Theme

Drew McIntyre has gone through several different phases throughout his wrestling career, but his current work is considered by many to be the best of his time with WWE. If there is one thing that many fans miss about McIntyre's time as "The Chosen One," it is undeniably his theme song, "Broken Dreams," which he used from 2009 to 2013. McIntyre was ultimately released by WWE in 2014. Upon his return in 2017, he was given a new theme song, to the displeasure of many fans.


When asked about the song by correspondent Quetzalli Bulnes on WWE Español's "El Brunch de WWE", McIntyre acknowledged the persistent fanfare for his former theme song, jokingly saying, "It was my song when I was 'The Chosen One' and people are talking about it for some reason a lot recently."

The former WWE Champion explained that "Broken Dreams" was not the song he debuted with but rather an upgrade he asked for from production.

"I asked them, 'can you find a different song that maybe suits the character more?' and they came back with Broken Dreams."

The song's popularity was even present while McIntyre was still using it. "It really took off," McIntyre said, "It sold as many as Cena's online, I believe, which is crazy."


McIntyre acknowledged the fact that many fans want to see the song return, reiterating that he would enjoy bringing it back for a special occasion as well.

"I talk about the possibility of having it for a big match, so fingers crossed," the Scotsman teased, "[I am] always working to make things happen, I can promise people that."

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