Drew McIntyre Comments On The Fan Response To Him Saying 'Wrestling' On WWE TV

Vince McMahon was known for banning words and phrases during his 40-year tenure as the CEO and Chairman of the Board for WWE. Two of the most well-known phrases/words that were banned were "wrestling" and "wrestler," despite the fact that WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. McMahon is officially retired following allegations of using company money to pay women he engaged in inappropriate sexual relations with to keep silent, therefore, Triple H has taken over as head of creative. On the August 15 edition of "Monday Night Raw," Kevin Owens and Drew McIntyre engaged in a promo battle ahead of their match where McIntyre stated, "We're wrestlers in a wrestling ring, let's just freaking wrestle!"

"It was something that was coming from within during the moment with Kevin," former WWE Champion McIntyre said while with "Sportskeeda Wrestling." "He was speaking his truth, speaking from the heart, and in return, I was speaking from the heart and that's what came out and it was amazing to see the response people had for me mentioning, 'Wrestling' so many times."

"You know, in the end, you know, we are World Wrestling Entertainment. You know we are very, you know, entertaining. We've got some fun, different stuff on the show, but at the core, we're still wrestling," McIntyre continued. "I don't think it should be a dirty word and I don't think it has been a dirty word as such, maybe that's the perception publicly." Since McMahon has retired, WWE has seen other changes such as formerly released wrestlers return, a heavier focus on the United States and Intercontinental Championships, longer matches on WWE TV shows, and more stories told throughout entire shows.

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