WWE NXT UK Shares 'Thank You' Tweet

"NXT UK" took its final bow with the broadcast of the brand's last episode on Thursday.

The episode saw Tyler Bate win the vacant "NXT UK" Champion by defeating Trent Seven in the final match of a tournament that's played out over recent weeks. Blair Davenport won a "Fatal 4-Way" elimination match over Amale, Eliza Alexander, and Isla Dawn to become the no. 1 contender for Meiko Satomura's "NXT UK" Women's Championship. Also, Saxon Huxley defeated Kenny Williams. The final broadcast was recorded weeks ago at the BT Sports Studios in London.

"NXT UK” took to its Twitter account Thursday to share a picture of their roster, crew, and backstage officials. The tweet expressed gratitude to fans for their support by simply writing, "Thank you #NXTUK."

WWE announced a couple of weeks ago that "NXT UK" would be going on hiatus ahead of a relaunch next year as the rebranded "NXT Europe" as WWE looks to expand operations across the continent.

Approximately half of the members of the brand's roster were released from their contracts around the time of the announcement, including Trent Seven, Flash Morgan Webster, Mark Andrews, Xia Brookside, Amale, Jack Starz, Eddie Dennis, Dave Mastiff, Wild Boar, Emilia McKenzie, Ashton Smith, Primate, Sid Scala, Dani Luna and Nina Samuels.

Others have been moved to "NXT 2.0" over the past few weeks and will be competing at the Worlds Collide event this Sunday, including Bate, Satomura, Davenport, Nathan Frazer, and Gallus (Wolfgang, Joe Coffey, and Mark Coffey).

The origins of "NXT UK" trace back to January 2017 and the inaugural tournament to crown the first-ever WWE United Kingdom Championship. Weekly episodes of the show aired starting in October 2018.