Karen Jarrett Names Her TNA Mount Rushmore

Karen Jarrett, current wife to Jeff Jarrett and ex-wife to Kurt Angle, has been involved in the professional wrestling business off and on since 2001, mainly in TNA from 2007-2008, 2011, and sporadically following that. After spending years in TNA, now known as Impact Wrestling, Karen has an idea of who her Mount Rushmore for the company would be.

"Obviously Jeff [Jarrett]," Karen said while on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet." "A.J. Styles, I think, I think Jay Lethal is a star. I think he's so underrated ... For TNA, Samoa Joe. I feel like, I hope something big happens for Jay, he deserves it. He's so good, yes, and I mean, I know he's so happy and he loves where he is, but like, he's, he deserves so much more."

Jeff helped launch TNA in 2002 and found plenty of in-ring success in the company, winning the NWA Worlds Championship six times while with the company and also becoming the TNA King of the Mountain Champion in 2015.

Styles, like Jarrett, found great success in TNA, becoming a Triple Crown Champion for the company, winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship twice, the X-Division Championship six times, and the TNA World Tag Team Championships twice.

Lethal did not find the world championship success in TNA he did in Ring of Honor. However, he won the X-Division Championship six times, the TNA Tag Team Championship once, and had an iconic feud with Ric Flair which featured a "woo off" between the two.

Joe won the X-Division Championship five times, the TNA Tag Team Championship twice, and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship once, holding the title for 182 days.

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