Shayna Baszler On What She Knows About Triple H After Working For Him In WWE NXT

This weekend, Shayna Baszler is looking to capture her first singles title on WWE's main roster when she takes on "SmackDown" Women's Champion Liv Morgan at the Clash at the Castle premium live event. A victory in the bout is looking promising for Baszler, as in recent weeks, Morgan has been using a kayfabe arm brace, selling an attack from Ronda Rousey that happened at SummerSlam this past July. "The Queen of Spades" is a submission specialist, and it only makes sense that she is going to target Morgan's arm and take advantage of her wounded opponent.

But before she headed off to Cardiff, Baszler sat down with "Bleav Pro Wrestling" to discuss her feelings on being back in the main title picture. Baszler's last televised match for a singles title was at WrestleMania 36 on March 25, 2020, when she suffered a defeat at the hands of "The Man" Becky Lynch. She believes the new regime of power in WWE has a lot to do with her recent advances toward becoming a champion once again.

"I know Triple H. I worked under Triple H for a few years and very much like, I just kind of know the way things go," Baszler explained. "He's always putting new people into the stuff, and I think some new faces needed to be shown, so I knew it was the right opportunity. So, luckily I've stayed ready, so when the time came, it worked out." 

The inaugural WWE Clash at The Castle Premium Live Event will air live this Saturday, September 3 from Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales at 1 p.m. ET.