Backstage News On Ronda Rousey's WWE Clash At The Castle Status

Ronda Rousey, as of midweek, was reportedly not scheduled to travel to Cardiff, Wales for Saturday's Clash at the Castle premium live event.

According to Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Rousey was originally earmarked for the show at Principality Stadium, but WWE changed up its initial plans for the Baddest Woman on the Planet. 

On the 9/2 "WWE SmackDown," which was the go-home show prior to the event in Wales, Rousey revealed she received a letter from WWE's global headquarters regarding her kayfabe suspension, noting that her earlier punishment had been reduced to a probation. This led to an outraged Adam Pearce admitting he was responsible for calling the police the previous week and getting Rousey arrested for attacking WWE officials, and that he was only following protocol.

Pearce added that if the decision were up to him, he would have fired Rousey and that he was tired of babysitting entitled Superstars such as herself. Pearce went on to call Rousey "the biggest b—h" he had ever met in his life, which led to an irate Rousey putting Pearce in an arm bar

The segment indicated that the Rousey – Pearce storyline is going to continue for a while on the blue brand.

When Shayna Baszler became the #1 contender to Liv Morgan's "SmackDown" Women's Title, WWE teased Rousey getting involved in the feud between her real-life friend and Morgan. On August 12, for example, Rousey could be heard saying "You used to be a killer" while crossing paths with Baszler, following a contract signing segment for the Baszler vs. Morgan match at Clash at the Castle. However, she hasn't been featured in any segments involving Baszler or Morgan since. 

While a victory for Baszler on Saturday could lead to a potential Baszler vs. Rousey title match, Morgan is the odds-on favorite to retain her title at Clash at the Castle.

On a related note, Meltzer reported that Paul Heyman traveled to Cardiff this week, but it's unknown if he will appear alongside Roman Reigns on Saturday's show. Heyman has been off WWE TV selling injuries he suffered from a Brock Lesnar F5 at the July 30 SummerSlam.