Bobby Fish Reveals How He Would React If Someone Called Him Out Like CM Punk Did To Adam Page

CM Punk's promo on "Hangman" Adam Page on the August 18, 2022, episode of "AEW Dynamite" has caused plenty of controversy in the wrestling world, as the former WWE Superstar reportedly went off script when calling out Page, who didn't respond.


Bobby Fish weighed in on the incident during his appearance on "The Undisputed Podcast." Fish claimed he would have "headed out to the ring" in that situation.

"I am not going to say run it by the powers that be, because to me it comes down to just being a man, and I'm not calling Page out for not being a man, let's not get this wrong," Fish said. "I don't even know if he was in the building or what the situation was. I am saying if I do hear that, the way my brain works in the pro wrestling industry, I am heading out to the ring. I am going to answer my critics or whatever you want to call it. I would try to run that by the boss man, whoever that is, and I would hope to have their blessing as I go out to the ring."


Fish, who has reportedly finished up with AEW, believes the lack of a response is "an element at times that is missing from our business."

"I am going unless somebody stops me, because if you're calling me out I have to answer that call or else I lose all credibility," Fish said. "I am not sacrificing my credibility for anyone, especially not someone who allegedly is going into business for themselves."

There has been speculation that the issues between Punk and Page stem from Punk's potential involvement in how Colt Cabana has been treated in AEW.

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