Tony Khan Comments On AEW's 'Unprecedented' Finances

While recent reports suggest that there's been some behind-the-scenes drama in AEW, there is some good news to report on the financial front. AEW CEO and President Tony Khan appeared on "Wrestling Observer Radio" ahead of this weekend's "All Out" pay-per-view and explained that the young wrestling promotion has enjoyed plenty of success lately. On top of that, he revealed that the promotion is set to make a record-breaking profit in 2022.

"I'm not grossing a billion dollars, but I'm gonna gross over $100 million this year. That's pretty unprecedented and it's been over 20 years since anybody is doing that. To me, success is sustaining it."

Khan also noted that wrestling is in a good place at the moment as AEW and WWE's flagship programming are regular the number one shows on cable, which has contributed to the revenue. Khan previously explained that the company's TV deal is "very fair" and it's been reported that the agreement is worth $45 million per year. AEW has also been successful in the pay-per-view market, with this year's "Double or Northing" gaining an estimated 155,000 buys.

AEW's profits have been the topic of much speculation in recent months. Earlier this year, Eric Bischoff questioned if AEW was successful in terms of profit as its finances aren't publicly disclosed. Furthermore, he speculated that episodes of "AEW Dynamite" cost at least $450,000 to produce. On the flip side, AEW Chris Jericho has bragged about AEWs finances, claiming that Khan has more money than WWE's Triple H while blasting "NXT."