Tony Khan Follows Up On Why He Is Not Seeing Eye-To-Eye With WWE

During last Thursday's AEW media call ahead of the "All Out" pay-per-view, AEW chief Tony Khan indicated that he'd been on the receiving end of some bad treatment from WWE. Three days later, following the aforementioned pay-per-view, Khan expanded, to a degree, on what exactly happened between him and the Stamford-based company. 

"I've had a number of interactions with them," Khan told Wrestling Inc.'s Nick Hausman during the "All Out" post-show media scrum. "I've said a lot of nice stuff, and I don't regret saying nice stuff because I'm super honest about pro wrestling. And when I saw good stuff happening there, I'll be the first to say it. But, yeah, I'm just not feeling the same love. I don't wanna get into it but, you know, I just haven't felt the same reciprocation that I have for them."

It had been speculated that an unnamed current AEW wrestler had received an unsolicited inquiry to join WWE, with Chris Jericho seemingly indicating that he was also contacted in regard to re-joining his old promotion. These reported uninvited inquiries caused people to wonder if this was the reason why Khan had felt unfairly treated by WWE. In response to the reported "contract tampering," AEW's Chief Legal Officer, Megha Parekh, was said to have sent over an email to WWE's new management team warning them about any future approaches. 

At present, with a series of reports indicating there are a lot of tensions behind the scenes in the company, Malakai Black — a former WWE talent — has apparently requested his release from AEW, according to Wrestling Inc.'s Raj Giri. However, the request was reportedly denied by Khan.

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