Chris Jericho Reveals What He Told AEW Talent At Mandatory Meeting

To say that AEW's post All Out press scrum wasn't as noteworthy or eventful as All Out itself would be a massive understatement, with CM Punk's post show comments and actions taking center stage. So who better to be a calming influence at the scrum shortly after than longtime AEW veteran Chris Jericho? During his appearance in the scrum, Jericho was asked by Wrestling Inc.'s own Nick Hausman regarding the recent talent meeting AEW had about certain issues, including ones related to Punk, and he had this to say.

"The specifics don't need to be discussed, even though you can read them online," Jericho said. "That was one of the things discussed. 'Don't leak s**t that's supposed to be private.' But I think my message always is to remind people how special AEW is. And don't take that for granted. The swearing and that sort of thing. All it takes is the wrong guy to see somebody say p***y or whatever the hell it is, and they're going to go 'Done.' It happens, we know this. So I just always want to remind guys 'Please don't ruin, or potentially ruin, this amazing world that we've created.'"

"Where I came from, working for Vince for 20 years, that [going into business for yourself] was unacceptable. It would never happen," Jericho explained. "And I'm just trying to let people know where we're getting to the point now that these types of things are unacceptable as well. And we will start doing things Tony would do in the NFL, or in Fullham. We are a pro sports, multi-million dollar company with a huge television contract with another huge TV contract coming up soon. A lot of guys don't have that experience, and don't realize how special this is." Jericho emerged victorious over Bryan Danielson at All Out, after recently unsuccessfully challenging Jon Moxley for the AEW Interim World Championship at the Quake by the Lake edition of "Dynamite."