Road Dogg Names The WWE Program He Was Most Proud Of Booking

Former WWE producer and writer Road Dogg has revealed which moment in his time working backstage made him the most proud.

"The proudest moment of probably my career was being so involved with KofiMania," Road Dogg said on his podcast, "Oh, You Didn't Know?" "I was heavily, heavily, heavily involved in the creation of that show, and some before it. That one hit different, that one had a different feel to it."

KofiMania took the wrestling world by storm. Kofi Kingston earned a spot in the 2019 Elimination Chamber match. Daniel Bryan put his WWE Championship on the line, but Kingston fell short. Vince McMahon blocked Kingston from getting another shot at the WWE title, but eventually agreed to it if Kingston could win a gauntlet match, but he fell short once again. McMahon eventually agreed to give him one final title shot at WrestleMania 35 due to fan pressure, and Kingston managed to take home the win and get his hands on the WWE title.

"I was doing things, I was running things, I was in charge of stuff. It felt really good to be part of that and literally two days later is the day that I said 'I'm going home and I'm not coming back.' There were some decisions that were made post KofiMania the next day that I disagreed with strongly."

Road Dogg began working backstage as a producer in 2011 before moving to the "SmackDown" brand as a writer. He eventually managed to make his way up to the lead writer of the show before he was released from his contract with WWE in January of this year.

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