Dakota Kai Reveals How Much Notice She Had Ahead Of WWE Return

Since becoming the new Chief Content Officer in WWE, Triple H has instantly put his stamp on the roster by bringing back several former WWE Superstars. One of them is Dakota Kai, who returned to the company at WWE SummerSlam at the end of July and admitted "it was just shocking." 

"You know what's crazy, I only got the heads up that this would be happening 24 hours before," Kai said on the "Mark Andrews: My Love Letter To Wrestling" podcast. "I was like, 'I don't know,' and at that time I didn't know what the environment was, I didn't know he was looking to do any of that, like bring people back I guess. ... SummerSlam comes around and I think I was still in the mind frame of processing the situation, even walking down the ramp at SummerSlam I was very overwhelmed."

Just 24 hours before making her comeback to WWE alongside Bayley and IYO SKY, Kai was busy streaming on Twitch, showcasing where her mindset was at the time. But that was something she did intentionally to try and make the surprise an even bigger one.

"I was like, well 24 hours ago I was streaming," Kai said. "I literally was streaming. I got told about it, [I] was like, I fly out Saturday morning like straight there. I did like a Twitch steam the Friday night to be like, 'Everything is normal guys, nothing to see,' so yeah, very crazy," she said.

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