Finn Balor Comments On WWE Booking Decision That Frustrated Him

Finn Balor might be a major part of current WWE storylines as a member of Judgment Day, but earlier this year, wasn't on the card for "WrestleMania 38," and in an interview with "Gorilla Position," he was asked whether or not that bothered him.

"Yeah, of course," Balor admitted. "I'm a professional and I want to wrestle. I feel like I'm one of the top performers in the business, consistently over years and years and years, so I ... feel like I deserve to be on those shows."

Balor went on to acknowledge that his own performance may have been at least partially responsible for him missing the two-night event. "I'm sure it [had something] to do with how I was performing. Maybe I was a little monotonous, going through the motions, with that kind of babyface version of Finn."

However, Balor seems to have regained his excitement for performing after his recent heel turn which him boot Edge from his Judgment Day faction and replace him.

"I feel re-invigorated recently, being able to do a true heel character, which I feel like I do much better than a babyface," Balor said. "I don't really need to act. I just [am] the pissed-off version of myself that I normally am."

Balor was able to play a heel character for a run in "WWE NXT" leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that didn't last very long. During the interview, he shared that the character had to be tweaked in order to adapt to the lack of an audience, instead becoming something closer to a "tweener" — something between a babyface and a heel. Of course, he had plenty of experience as a heel prior to his WWE run, as he's the former leader of New Japan Pro-Wrestling's dastardly Bullet Club faction.