Backstage News On Young Rock Casting For WWE Attitude Era Star

Believe it or not, it's only a little while longer before the third season of "Young Rock", the story of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's upbringing, airs on NBC. And while there's been plenty of news regarding upcoming casting for the series, a new report suggests that producers are looking to feature a late former WWE star quite often in the show's upcoming season.

According to PWInsider, "Young Rock's" third season will heavily feature Brian Lawler, also known as Brian Christopher, as a character. Lawler is best known for his run in WWE from 1997 till 2001, around the same time The Rock was becoming one of the top stars in WWE history, and for being the son of legendary wrestler, commentator and WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry "The King" Lawler.

The younger Lawler has already been a character in "Young Rock" in past episodes, appearing in the season two episode "You Gotta Get Down to Get Up", which focused on Rock's tenure in the United States Wrestling Association in Memphis, TN. Lawler, who had been a regular with the USWA for over six years by that point, was portrayed by actor Marcus Molyneux in the episode.

Lawler achieved his greatest success in WWE as a member of the tag team, and later stable, Too Cool, alongside Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi, with Lawler taking the name Grand Master Sexay. With Scotty, Lawler won the WWE Tag Team Championship once in May 2000, with the duo holding the titles for a month. After his full-time WWE tenure ended, Lawler worked the independents and TNA for several years while occasionally making appearances in WWE. He passed away on July 7, 2018.