Mike Chioda Describes What It Is Like To Ref A Vince McMahon WWE Match

Vince McMahon retired from WWE on July 22, 2022. About a month before his retirement, McMahon stepped down from being CEO and Chairman of the Board, a position that has since been taken over by Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan. Vince has not appeared onscreen since his retirement, meaning that he has obviously not wrestled a match since the announcement. Former WWE referee Mike Chioda recalled what it was like to referee a Vince match on his Monday Mailbag.


"You're stressed with Vince in the ring, you don't want to f*** up," Chioda said. "If he asks for a spot or asks for something like, 'Hey, what's next?' you better, you better know it, you know what I'm saying? What I like about Vince is when Vince asks you do something, you say I can get it done." Chioda went on to recall how he became even more nervous after Vince got older and became more susceptible to injury: "I remember the day he blew out his quads in the ring, just walking down to the ring, you know, he got in the ring and blew out his quads."

Former WWE Champion Vince wrestled a total of 57 matches over his career, despite not being a trained professional wrestler. Vince's most recent match came on night two of WrestleMania 38 when he challenged Pat McAfee to a match. McAfee suffered defeat after just under four minutes of action, leaving Vince with a win in his most recent — and presumably final — contest after Austin Theory interfered. Chioda brought up Vince tearing his quads, taking place at the 2005 Royal Rumble when Vince came to the ring irate over the finish of the Royal Rumble match that saw Cena and Batista both accidentally landing on the floor at the same time. The match was then restarted and won by Batista.


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