Triple H Dismisses False Reports Of Nick Khan Cutting WWE Talent

Paul "Triple H" Levesque has gone on the record to shut down some rumors that swirled around WWE executive Nick Khan's involvement with the high-profile releases of wrestlers over the last several years. Levesque spoke on the topic during a wide-ranging interview for BT Sport with reporter Ariel Helwani.

During a period of heavy lay-offs for both on-screen talent and behind the scenes employees, much of the blame from the public fell on Khan. Levesque took the time to deny those rumors, stating "There was a period of time ... where the whole world was like, 'That damn Nick Khan.' It just makes me laugh. He had zero to do with those decisions that are happening, the poor guy. He's just getting battered online for having zero to do with any of those stories."

Levesque also praised the work Khan has put in during his tenure thus far, telling Helwani "He's just been amazing. I can't say enough about him." Levesque's wife, Stephanie McMahon, and Khan were both promoted to co-CEOs in the aftermath of Vince McMahon's departure from the company. Levesque, who was himself recently promoted to Chief Content Officer, shared that the pair let him handle the creative side of the business while they handle the rest, with the availability to ask for help if he needs it.

Khan joined WWE back in 2020, leaving a prominent position as co-head of television at Hollywood talent agency CAA. Prior to joining, he served as the agent for WWE, and in that time as well as his tenure as President and Chief Revenue Officer, helped close a number of beneficial deals for the company.