Sami Zayn Reacts To Solo Sikoa Joining The Bloodline

The Bloodline appeared to gain a new member at WWE's Clash At The Castle when "WWE NXT" Superstar Solo Sikoa made a surprise appearance to cost Drew McIntyre the main event against Roman Reigns. It's a move that shocked the WWE Universe, despite the fact that Sikoa, who is the Usos' younger brother, makes perfect sense as a member of The Bloodline. His presence but proved beneficial to the Tribal Chief on a night where neither the Usos nor Paul Heyman were in his corner, but his honorary Bloodline member didn't share Reigns' appreciation for the group's newest inductee.


For the past several months, Sami Zayn has been involved with WWE's most dominant faction, despite the fact he is not an actual family member. He's worked hard to impress Reigns and the Usos by doing their bidding, attacking their rivals, and causing general mayhem to anybody who tries to come up against them. However, the former Intercontinental Champion was left confused by Sikoa's debut at the recent premium live event, taking to Twitter to simply say "wtf" about the situation, seemingly not being aware that it was planned.

Zayn has had tension with Jey Uso as of late and did appear to be torn on a recent episode of "WWE Raw" when it came to attacking his longtime friend and rival Kevin Owens on the Bloodline's behalf, but he's been diligently buttering up Reigns during some comedic backstage segments, and recently shared an image of the family in their youth, with himself photoshopped in.


While it has not been confirmed that Sikoa is going to be an official Bloodline member, he has reportedly been added to the "WWE SmackDown" roster internally, which is a sign that he will be part of the faction moving forward.